April Bucket List

Tick these items off your bucket list for the month of April! How many can you do?

  • Play Two-Up on ANZAC Day
    ActivateUTS is taking UTS students to watch the ANZAC Day parade, have a BBQ lunch and get involved in a very Australian tradition known as 'Two-Up' on the only day in the year you are allowed to play! It celebrates an age old game of coin-flipping for money. Learn the ins and outs with our demonstration set at lunch and perhaps give it a go yourselves! Just remember if you choose heads - you hold the money!
  • Help another human being
    In recent conflicts 41 Australian Soldiers have died in a war zone while on active duty. In the Vietnam War 500 Australian soldiers never returned to home shores. The tragedy of losing a loved one is often compounded by the financial and social hardship of finding yourself without a father, mother, brother, sister or partner. Legacy is a charitable organisation who support families of lost Australian soldiers. STOMP TO SUPPORT is a dance event supports by UTS Hip Hop to raise valuable funds for Legacy. Come and participate or just watch the slammin' moves of your fellow UTS students. For more information check out the website: http://www.activateuts.com.au/stompforlegacy
  • Test your limits
  • Drive a convertible
    Have you ever wanted to cruise an LA freeway under the Hollywood sign in a Mustang Convertible? Or wind your way around the Monte Carlo hills in a Porsche Boxter? Definitely an easily achievable Bucket List item to include on your next adventure! 
  • Go off-roading
  • See a stage musical
    It's just a jump to the left....... that's right Dr. Frank-N-Furter is back and ready to rock Sydney. April sees the beginning of the Rocky Horror Picture Show musical extravaganza! Will Brad and Janet make it? Will their love endure? Grab your tickets from the Ticketmaster desk as ActivateHQ (located in the ActivateMarketplace, Level 3, Building 1) and get ready to dance yourself crazy in this 70's pop culture classic.
  • Send a hand written letter
    Remember how awesome it was to receive mail in the post? When you checked the letterbox everyday knowing that it wouldn't be just bills? Make someone else's day by sending them a letter (although you'll probably have to Facebook them first to get their address!) or pick up a card just to say hi - it's so simple but can brighten someone's day! Cards and stamps are available from the ActivateRetail store (located in ActivateMartketplace, Level 3, Building 1), *not just for grandma's
  • Take a trip with Student Uni Travel
  • Learn and perform a magic trick
    Want to learn the secrets of magic? Convince people you are a true genius? Impress someone at a bar? Here are all the secrets you'll ever need to know - except for that rabbit/hat trick - that's just trippy. Have a search through YouTube, there are thousands of how-to-magic-trick videos! 
  • Take a great photo
    What's the best photo you've ever seen? Did you take it? Want to learn how to take amazing photos? Join the UTS Photo Society and head to their facebook page to check out all the details about how to become a pro!
  • Build a fort

Show us your adventures with the hashtag #utsbucketlist