Do you have a passion for photography? A knack for debating? Or perhaps you’d like to explore the wonderful world of yoga… We have over 100 clubs on campus that celebrate all walks of life! So what are you waiting for? Join any number of our clubs today, and meet new people with similar interests.

ABESoc (Architecture and Built Environment Society)

The Architecture and Built Environment Society is for students passionate about the Architecture and Built Environment Industry. We aim to provide students with opportunities to network with other students and industry professionals through networking events, industry presentations and site walks. If you are passionate about Architecture or the Built Environment, want to make some like-minded friends and develop invaluable industry contacts this club is for you!


The UTS ALP Club is the official Labor Students and Young Labor chapter on campus. The club is made up of supporters of the Labor movement and the Party. The club's aims are to promote the principles of the Australian Labor Party and Social Democracy. We engage in student election campaigns, hold social drinks, pub crawls, guest speaker events and policy debates. If you would like to get involved in the club either on or off campus.

AUJS (Australian Union of Jewish Students)

AUJS unites Jewish and non-Jewish students through a range of social, sporting, political, educational and religious activities, and provides students with the opportunity for interstate and international exploration. We participate at UTS and in conjunction with other university campuses across NSW, Australia and New Zealand to build a strong student base and community over Australasia

Australian Relief Organisation (ARO)

ARO UTS Student Club will provide opportunities for UTS students to be involved in humanitarian work through various initiatives which will be held on and off campus. The Club aims to enrich the student experience at UTS through their involvement in various fundraising activities and projects and will be a hub for local and international students. The primary focus of the Student Club's activities will be the refugees, homeless and the elderly.

Australian Republic Club

The UTS Australian Republic Club aims to promote, encourage and discuss constitutional amendments to the Australian constitution, and encourages the adoption of an Australian republic. The club is a bi-partisan club that holds the simple belief that Australia should have an Australian as its head of state. The UTS Australian Republic Club aims to continue discussion and debate about republicanism and provide a network for students with similar views.

Backstage - Theatre and Film

Backstage is the UTS theatre and film society, here to satisfy all your creative needs. Each semester we host an array of plays, musicals, film screenings, trivia/comedy nights and "fun"draisers (parties)- all entirely student run! If you're a budding director, producer, writer, actor, filmmaker, choreographer, musician, dancer, production designer or just want to have a fun-filled and action-packed year, Backstage is the club for you.

Beer Appreciation Society

The Beer Appreciation Society aims to expose its members to beers that they would never have otherwise tried, breweries that they may never have heard of otherwise and knowledge to understand why they enjoy what they are drinking. Our aim is to foster the enjoyment of an ancient beverage enjoyed by the Belgian Trappist monks, Ancient Egyptian Royalty and every culture in between.


The UTS Biohacking Society is the chance to do the science you want to do. We are partnered with Biofoundry (a non-for-profit community lab space at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern) where we can have access to their lab space and equipment, as well as science nerds who know what they are doing and are happy to teach. If you have an idea for an experiment you no longer have to wait to at least do your honours, our club is here to guide you to meeting the right people, getting the right equipment and making it safe. We will be holding workshops on lab skills, hackathons, and seminars from scientists around the world. As well as networking with said huge nerds and other nerds. You don't need to be doing a science degree either- anyone and everyone is welcome!


Buddhist Meditation Society (UMB)

The UTS Buddhist Meditation Society aims to foster young individuals with interests in understanding the teachings of the Buddha and mediation practices. UMB provides an engaging platform where like-minded youths meet and share their interest in Buddhism and meditation practices in a peaceful and mindfulness environment. 
Give your mind and body a break from all the bustling by coming to our meditation session, Dharma talks, retreats and more!

BusinessOne UTS

BusinessOne UTS is a student driven organisation, focussing on providing pro bono student consultancy services to small enterprise clients within the University of Technology, Sydney. 
BusinessOne seeks to nurture the next generation of business leaders by placing our consultants in challenging business environments designed to foster business acumen, professional problem solving and leadership development.

Cambodian Society

After what has felt like forever without society representation, a Cambodian Students Society is finally here. As the only university based Cambodian Students Society in Sydney, our goal is to assist students of Cambodian background and those with an interest in Khmer culture to meet other like-minded people and create new friendships.
Join us for events including social outings, cross-society gatherings and most importantly free food. Find us @cssuts

Catholic Society

"We’re a home for all Catholics at UTS to get to know one another and grow in our Faith, and also welcome those of different beliefs who may be interested in finding out more about Catholicism. 

Chopstix Fellowship

"ChopstiX Chinese Christian Fellowship is all about Loving God and loving people! We help you connect with each other by organising social gatherings, dinner nights, games nights and bible studies at your university campus. We believe you're here doing what you're doing for an ordained reason and our calling is to empower you in maximising your potential in Christ so that you can impact and be a blessing to other people in every sphere of life. It's powerful stuff, but then again so is our God! We meet every Friday night 7:00PM at Macquarie University (W5C) and UTS (Haymarket). Our groups are in Cantonese, Mandarin, English (native speakers), English (international students).


Credo is a group of UTS Students who are passionate about Jesus Christ. Whatever your course, culture, church or beliefs, we'd love to welcome you so that by reading the Bible together we can get to know Jesus better. To find our more about what we do or how you can get involved head to

Debating Society

A rapidly growing debating society, UTS Debating continues to grow with regular practice sessions and friendly competitions  as well as competing on a local and national level to represent UTS.

Drawing Circle

Drawing Circle is a society where students can share the joy of drawing, challenge themselves in various media, be travelling artist, make friends and make art. From developing art skills and knowledgeto playing Pictionary, the Drawing Circle is passionate about bringing out students creativity.


EcoSoc UTS brings together like-minded environmentally conscious and responsible people for social and educational events. These include documentary nights, seminars, guest speakers, parties, and casual catch-ups. We welcome all members whether your knowledge about the environment is great or small, or you just want to meet some new people.

EGG: The Gamers Guild

We are EGG: The Gamers Guild, formerly known as 'the Electronic Gamers' Guild (E.G.G.)' - a collection of people who are passionate about all types of games and gaming. We run weekly LANs, board game nights, role play days, and general chill outs. We also host Geek Trivia, gaming tournaments, massive long weekend LANs, and movie nights. If you like games, gaming, or just anything geeky, drop by and hang out. For more info and upcoming events visit: or

Events Society

The UTS Events Society is for event students who want to develop their practical skills in organizing events or anyone who wants to organize parties, charity and miscellaneous events. Providing great opportunities for students to work together and develop employment skills, knowledge and contacts identified as essential to career goals.

Forensic Science Club

The UTS Forensic Science Club is a social club designed for those students with an interest in the science side of crimes. Our club is an organisation where students with shared interests can socialise, while also developing professional connections within the University and the Forensic Science Community. If you're interested in joining, drop us a line at or find us on Facebook.

Gender Equality Now Society (G.E.N.Soc)

The Gender Equality Now (G.E.N.) society is a social and educational club, looking to raise awareness and provide a safe and comfortable space for progressive feminists to make friends and support each other. We hold regular events such as feminist film screenings, art exhibitions, debates and poetry readings for our members to meet new people and socialise in a safe environment. 

Hellenic Society

Established in 1980 as Tri Gamma, UTS Hellenic Society is now one of the younger University clubs. We pride ourselves on bringing fresh, exciting and innovative elements into what is already a jumping Greek social scene. Be a part of something bigger than just an ordinary UTS society - UTS Hellenic collaborates with other Greek societies not only in NSW but on a national scale to bring you events that are truly memorable!
Check out our Instagram:

Hip Hop Society

"Building foundations since 2010"
UTS Hiphop Society is a social dance society that enables the UTS student community to learn about the culture of hiphop and its dance style. The aim was to not only educate members about hiphop but also provide a space that exhibits creativity in dance.
UTS Hiphop Society holds weekly dance classes during the semester and is heavily involved in events and performances with the greater Sydney street dance scene and collaborations with other dance societies in New South Wales.

I Heart Uni

Welcome to I Heart Uni. We're the official UTS branch of the larger I ♥ Uni network, connecting students through a variety of social events including dance parties, sporting events, fashion parades, and dance competitions. The society seeks to create social networks for the benefit of students and to host events to foster involvement within the University community. We also seek to celebrate diversity and opportunity at UTS. All members receive exclusive member discounts and are invited to a wide range of social events


UTS Intents is all about getting wild in the wilderness. This club was started as an excuse to go camping with good company and our aim is to introduce as many people to the experience as we can!

Iranian Society

UTS Iranians society, UIS, was created to get Iranians together at UTS irrespective of their political and religious points of view. 
Main objectives of UIS are; to promote, develop and extend student fellowship within the University. Also, UIS aims to promote 
Persian art and culture and to introduce and share traditions, celebrations and customs. The last but not the least objects are; 
promote recreational, social and academic activities and creating a support structure to assist newly arrived students. You can 
contact us by email or follow our Facebook page UTS Iranian Society or our website

Italian Society

Lovers of Italian language and food, this new UTS club is for you! No Italian heritage or language level necessary! :) 
Besides consuming lots of food and wine, we want to broaden your senses and help you discover what lies behind the stereotypical idea of Italy - think music, film and literature, sport and non-obvious Italian foods and culture. Explored through various activities like language classes, culture nights and cultural excursions, come along and make some memories, its time to get cultured! Alla prossima!

Jass (Japanese and Australian Student Society)

JASS aims to provide cross cultural relationships between Japanese exchange students and local Australian students. JASS is a member of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Union. Formed in April 2004 and conceptualise by a handful of local Australian students who had undergone exchange programs around Japan, JASS' understanding of exchange students' needs and feelings are vital for the club's existence. We promote friendship bonding between people with a common interest. Whether it's culture, language, music, anime or fashion we promise to be a club that meets all these needs with activities and many events.

Kung Fu Club (UTS KFC)

UTSKFC is a club promoting Chinese Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture. We organise activities such as $2 kungfu lessons 3 times a week,  KungFu gatherings, seminars and social events building a friendly environment for members.
We accommodate for all levels from beginner to advanced. You can join us at any of the following times for your free first lesson: Mon 6-8 pm at Jones St outdoor pathway, Wed 6-8 pm at Jones St outdoor pathway, Fri 6-8 pm at UTS MPSH dance studio.

Kurdish Society

UKS is an organised group of highly educated people, mainly from Kurdistan, working to introduce the culture, customs, food and the aspirations of the ancient people of Kurdistan to the Australian public in general and the UTS community in particular. UKS will work hard to address the social issues of the Kurdish community in Australia by conducting social gatherings, seminars and workshops. The sunrise showed the green of the valley, flecked with red Lilliput and flocks of colourful partridges jumping at the rocks. The Median peoplelooked up at the snowy mountains: "It's well worth fighting over. If I lived here, I'd want to own it too" Kurdistan, also called Media or Heterodox Zone "tolerant society" since biblical times is associated with mountains and rugged terrain, provided shelters for minor languages as well as religions in the region

Labor Left Society

UTS Labor Left club provides a space in which people can be critical of the Labor party, and encourage it to become more left-leaning. We organise regular events where we discuss left leaning politics and provide platforms for activism around the party and encourage students to be engaged with the wider Labor movement. If unionism, feminism, socialism and democracy sound like something you are interested in, check us out on Facebook.

Law Students' Society (LSS)

The UTS Law Students' Society (LSS) is a student-run organisation that caters to the educational, vocational and social needs of UTS Law students. We believe that achieving a balance between these aspects of a university student's life will lead to a more fruitful, enjoyable experience in tertiary education.

Lebanese Society (LebSoc)

UTS LebSoc was founded on the many friendships formed in the university, priding itself on bringing Lebanese culture, food and social aspects to the wider community. Our members bring fresh perspectives and innovation from many different disciplines within UTS.

Come and see what all the fuss is about; we are loud, enthusiastic and love to dance, eat and sing. It’s time to experience a taste of Lebanon!

Liberal Club

The UTS Liberal Club is the only club on campus for students who support the Liberal Party. The UTS Liberal Club holds events throughout the year to cater for all its members, including social events, policy discussions and debates. The UTS Liberal Club also works closely with other university Liberal Clubs to deliver the best services for its members and allow members to develop diverse networks. This year's events are also sure to be bigger and better given the upcoming election! If you are interested in joining the UTS Liberal Club, please contact us at

Life Choice

UTS Life Choice is a society for students who have a passion for the inherent dignity of human life; from conception to natural death, and who wish to engage in open dialogue about issues concerning these matters from a secular perspective.

Longboarding Society

The UTS Longboarding Society is a group of people who love to skate, no matter your discipline, whether it be freeride, downhill or if you just want to cruise around. We'll take you in and teach you stuff you'll want to know. We hold events as frequently as we can, from our Tri-Skater Cup in July to Movie nights where we just chill out. The Longboarding Society is the nicest bunch of people you'll meet.


"Mahjong is a game that originated in China, commonly played by four players (with some three-player variations found in Korea and Japan). While the single player tile matching game mahjong solitaire is familiar in the West, in Asia it is the four-player table version which holds predominance and has little in common with the solitaire version other than using the same tiles. Similar to the Western card game rummy, mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance.
The game is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations use a different number of tiles. In most variations, each player begins by receiving thirteen tiles. In turn players draw and discard tiles until they complete a legal hand using the fourteenth drawn tile to form four groups (melds) and a pair (head). There are fairly standard rules about how a piece is drawn, stolen from another player and thus melded, the use of simples (numbered tiles) and honours (winds and dragons), the kinds of melds, and the order of dealing and play. However there are many regional variations in the rules; in addition, the scoring system and the minimum hand necessary to win varies significantly based on the local rules being used. "

MASSA (UTS Malaysian & Singaporean Student Association)

The Malaysian and Singaporean Student's Association (MASSA) us a non-politically aligned, discretionary, free and unbiased club tailored mainly for all Malaysian and Singaporean Students studying at UTS but is also open to anybody from all walks of life. Our aim is to provide our members with as much benefits as possible including job opportunities with recruiting companies from Malaysia and Singapore while organising activities to increase networks and making the Malaysian and Singaporean Students stay in Sydney more enjoyable and carefree whilst pursuing their tertiary studies. We also aim to promote Malaysian and Singaporean culture in Australia while harmoniously fostering ties between citizens of the different countries. 


Bringing career development, philanthropy, and a whole heap of fun to all health related and science disciplines.

Motorsports Society

The UTS Motorsports Society is a newly formed social club for motorsport enthusiasts at UTS. The society was created with all types of fans in mind - whether you work on race cars on the weekends, or just like to watch Formula One on TV, you'll be right at home. Planned events include: - Formula One viewing nights - Karting days - Technical Seminars With many more events in the pipeline. The UTS Motorsports Society also enjoys a close relationship with UTS Motorsports, the Formula SAE team of UTS. This enables us to capitalise on an already strong motorsport presence at UTS, giving us a unique opportunity that you won't find anywhere


For those who love to perform, MuscUTS currently comprises of the following groups: Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Band, Glee Club, and our new Jam Club. Each group holds weekly rehearsals and we try to cater to all musical backgrounds and interests. What MuscUTS represents to many tertiary students is a platform for musical development. You’ll meet new and interesting people, make some music, prepare for a few concerts and have some fun. Please visit our website or join our Facebook group for more information

Myanmar Society

UTS Myanmar is a society for Burmese students at UTS as well as anyone interested in our culture. Our aim is to help the Burmese students from UTS and UTS:Insearch through the promotion of our tradition and culture on campus. As well as raising awareness and creating good memories through our regular events.

Nepalese Society

We are a non-profit and non-political Nepalese Society at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Our aim is to preserve and help promote the diverse culture of the amazing country Nepal within the UTS community through various social events. We also aim to encourage, promote, develop and extend student fellowship among Nepalese students and staff and others within the University.

Net Impact

Net Impact UTS is an Australian chapter of the global community of Net Impact that aims to influence education across various university faculties by using business as a force for environmental and social impact. 
It provides opportunities for students to network with other like-minded individuals from UTS as well as industry, and engage the local community through events, projects, workshops, 'impact' jobs, and more!

Om Shanti UTS

Om Shanti is the UTS Society that aims to add a touch of fun and festivities to the university scene, with a myriad of exciting cultural events, provide a range of opportunities for members to meet new people and build up a lasting social network, and to make a positive contribution to society as a group of motivated youths, through charity based fundraising events etc. 


The SOS is a not-for-profit student-run organisation at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) aiming to provide social, academic and professionally benefiting services and events for orthoptics students and students from other disciplines within UTS.


Out2Party mission is to allow students from all different sexual orientations and ethno cultural background to socialize, make friends and party in a safe environment. Out2party aims to educate, inform and collaborate both the members of Out2party and other queer groups from other universities on various queer histories, sexuality and provide a support network.

Pakistan Society

UTS Pakistan Society is the student led entity with an emphasis on propagating the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan through cuisine, commerce, fine art, values, and awareness. Our mission is to fill the void by exposing individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities to true Pakistan and its traditions.

Pasifika Society

The UTS Pasifika Society aims to provide an inclusive and culturally relevant environment to promote, advance and celebrate the diverse cultures of our people through academia, social activity, networking and mentoring to enhance and support success and participation and greater university experiences of current, future and past UTS Pasifika people.

Poker Society

UTS Poker Society connects students with an interest in Poker (of any skill level) together on the poker table and off the poker table. It encourages and develops a player's analytical and strategic skills with respect to poker strategies within the University. It is not just a card game, but a game of mathematics and psychology. 
The club hosts 2 weekly games (NL Hold'em), social events, charity/free roll tournaments and Poker Master Class. for more details.

Postgrad Leisure Sports Association (UTS PoLSA)

The UTS Postgrad Leisure Sports Association (UTS PoLSA) was established to build social and professional bonds among UTS Higher Degree Research (HDR) students through sporting, leisure, and cultural activities. Come and join us for our weekly badminton and volleyball sessions (at the RMSH) - get fit, make friends - and build professional relationships at the same time. It's a great way to have fun and feel part of the UTS research community.

PPIA UTS (Indonesian Student Association)

PPIA UTS (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia - Indonesian Students Association of UTS) is a non-profit organisation customized mainly for all Indonesian students studying at UTS but is open to all students. Our aim is to provide our members with culture diversity collaboration, by developing Indonesian cultures and learning about Australian cultures as well. Together with this, we also provide job opportunities with recruiting companies from Indonesia while organizing activities to increase networks and making the Indonesian students' staying in Sydney to be more comfortable and carefree whilst pursuing their tertiary studies. 

Professional Aeronautics and Astronautics Society

Professional Aeronautics and Astronautics Society is a pre-professional society to promote provide practical skills & training, and encourage involvement in projects and activities in the fields of space and aerospace entrepreneurship, avionics, aeronautics, and astronautics. PAAS fosters an ecosystem specific to aerospace and its related fields within UTS, surrounding universities and industries. PAAS acts as an open door to professional activities, recognition, and contacts that would otherwise be unavailable to students. PAAS’s goal is to develop the future leaders of the Australian Aerospace Industry.

Programmers' Society (ProgSoc)

ProgSoc is here to promote programming and generate interest in Information Technology within UTS. We have our own headquarters where we regularly get together over pizza and drinks. Our headquarters also house our own computers and servers, library, desks, and a well stocked fridge! We host a variety of talks and activities from industry. ProgSoc also organises the annual UTS Programming Competition, with lunch and prizes included! The winners of this competition represent UTS and battle it out against other universities from all over the world. Headquarters: CB10.3.380A (back-left corner of building 10)


Want to make some magic together? Then come join the UTS Opaleyes! Quidditch at UTS is the perfect balance of social and sport. We run three training sessions a week and send a representative team to compete at monthly Triwiz tournaments, as well as playing in other social comps through the year. We also have craft days, movie nights, board games, karaoke outings, and more! Say hi at

Red Cross Society

The UTS Chapter of one of the most internationally recognised humanitarian organisations, the Red Cross. Our members have a conviction for fighting for social justice and we provide a collaborative team to break out to new frontiers, help out as volunteers or just chill out with some beers. 

Revue Society

The UTS Revue Society is a student-run performing arts collective dedicated to writing, staging and performing a one-off, original variety performance each year. In addition, we host various performing arts events including Faculty-specific showcases and open mic nights. Students from any faculty are welcome to participate in any aspect of putting on the Revue each year - areas of interest include sketch writing, directing, costuming, choreographic, acting, singing dancing, video production, band, stage managing and more. 


The Rotaract Club of UTS is a dynamic group of young people who want to make a difference in the community. Sponsered by Rotary International, we engage in a wide range of activities including social, professional and community events.

Running Man

Running Man is South Korean urban game show that redefines everything that a game show is. The UTS Running Man Society are here to bring you the Running Man experience! It’s a race against time to solve a series of physical challenges and puzzles, conquering missions to avoid punishments and to win prizes! Come join us as we run, hide, and have fun all while making great friends and memories! Screenings, games, races and trivia all in the one place! Running Man fans and friends don’t walk, they RUN! 

Rural and Indigenous Health Society (RIHS)

Our society aims to raise awareness of problems faced by rural and indigenous communities by creating a forum of discussion about these issues and encouraging networking of students across varying disciplines. We provide opportunities for skilled & unskilled members to contribute to this cause through fundraising, volunteer work and field trips. As well as keep them up to date on the latest research, news and other information.

Science Society

Hey Scientist, looking for a good time?  is all about getting you out of the lab and into the social scene for inter faculty fun and excitement. Even if you aren't fortunate enough to study science, we’d love to see you at our famous campus events including, the Annual Lab Coat Pub Crawl, movie marathons and poker nights. For the more career minded, we also have industry related seminars to help you become the next Tony Stark

Student Success Initiative

We foster the success of Australian students by creating engaging and action provoking events and initiatives. We source top speakers, run interactive personal and professional development workshops, and provide a space for students to take action and drive their own impact.

Tamil Society

We hold a paintball event at the end of each semester! Other events include various casual sporting competitions, game nights and barbecues.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, have a laugh and most importantly have some fun.

Thai Society

The UTS Thai Society’s aim is to bring Australians, local Thai students and international Thai students together to explore and share culture, language and experiences. We are dedicated to ensuring that we create regular activities, whether ‘meet and greet’ sessions, hikes, rock climbing, BBQ’s or attending the local temple.
If you would like to stay up to date with all things Thai or want to get in contact with us, your best bet is to like our Facebook page:

The Big Lift

We’re a non-profit community service project that runs each year in July. 80 students. 10 towns. 9 service projects. 8 days. 2 buses. Sound like fun? Jump on board.

The UTS Business Society (UTS BSoc)

We are dedicated to challenging our members to build the ‘soft skills’ including communication and problem solving that contemporary employers value so highly. Whilst academic study is very important, it is often these intangible experiences and characteristics that separate ‘good’ from ‘great’ candidates. The Society looks to assist in developing well-rounded future business leaders who are theoretically and practically prepared to achieve their career goals and aspirations.


WELCOME TO UTS TSA!! We are a non-profitable organisation whose success is dependent upon the support of various people and organisations who are interested in expanding Taiwanese culture within Australia. We seek to create fun and interesting activities for all members, bringing everyone together to share memories with each other. We aim to celebrate Taiwanese culture, by building strong friendships between members, and enrich each individual’s university experience!
We welcome everyone to join, so come join NOW!! If you are Taiwanese, definitely join us to meet others and share your experiences! But if you are from different background, please don't be shy, TSA welcomes students from diverse culture and ethnicity!
UTS TSA is a place where family bond is created both within and outside of university hours. It is the place to love, have fun and enjoy Taiwanese culture.


UTS Turkish Society is a non-profit organisation that provides a social platform of networking opportunities to those both of a Turkish background or interested in Turkish culture. For those who are not so familiar, our events will be designed to make you fit right in and be exposed to Turkish culture, language and food. From a professional scope, we aim to deliver our members networking opportunities with Turkish professionals to facilitate steps towards a successful career.

UKA (UTS Korean Association)

Hello there! Welcome to the UTS Korean Association, known as UKA!
UKA is a society of UTS to provide support for Korean students within the university in many aspects. 
Furthermore, we aim to bridge cultural barriers and form better relationships with other Australian students in the university as well as the wider community. To achieve this, we offer Korean classes and perform volunteer work in hope for positive changes in society.
Together, we can create an exciting and memorable university life!

United Nations Society

The UTS United Nations Society provides students with the opportunity to step into the role of a delegate representing a country in simulations of real UN committees tackling current affairs and real world issues. Delegates learn and develop skills in debating, negotiation and public speaking, as well as learn the ins and outs of foreign relations and international diplomacy. MUNs (Model United Nations events) are held at the local, national and international level. At all levels there are fantastic social nights at which delegates can relax, meet new people and discuss events and current affairs in a fun and social environment.

Vegan Society

UTS Vegan Society is open to everyone, but would appeal to vegans, people interested in veganism, and people who share similar values and concerns about the environment, animal welfare and public health. Our society holds a variety of events such as awareness campaigns, social and educational events. We also collaborate with vegan organisations and fundraise for local sanctuaries. All in all we unite like-minded people in a social atmosphere as well as provide them with opportunities to pursue further effective activism, if they so wish to, in a safe and supportive environment.

Women In Business

The University of Technology, Sydney Women in Business (UTSWIB) seeks to empower a dynamic community of inspired and entrepreneurial UTS women by fusing them through business exposure and experience. Having a broad outlook on career education, our goal is to equip young women with the qualitative means and valuable insight to succeed in any field ranging from finance to fashion.